Nicondra: Heat stays in control for the weekend

Heat advisories in place as feels like temperatures soar

Saturday Night Weather

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Strong Summer high pressure just to our west continues to allow the region to bake. Coupled with plenty of moisture and overnight lows hovering near 80 we’ve neared or broken record highs for several days and can expect the trend to continue. Temperatures will continue to stay close to 80 overnight with high moisture content and rise to near 100 during the day. Because the high moisture prevents efficient cooling because sweat can not evaporate it feels more like 108-115 or even higher through the day. Sunday will be very similar. One or two isolated storms can develop because the area is not completely beneath the center of the sinking air. Storms can be heavy with plenty of moisture to work with, but generally brief and only offer brief cooling in an isolated area. The hot trend continues until we see more of a break in the high towards mid-week and we can get more typical summer rain coverage.

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