Sunday temperatures near 100 degrees as heat wave continues

Sunday temperatures near 100 degrees as heat wave continues

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Whether a die hard runner or just your average park goer, visitors at Audubon Park say there was no time early enough to escape the recent heat Sunday morning.

“We come early in the morning because it’s the only time you can bring a baby and be outside. Otherwise we’re just stuck indoors so we usually come around 7:30, 8,” said Kate Brite.

“Early in the morning, or even in the evening is actually a little better. There’s no avoiding it. You slow down, drink lots of water,” said runner Tom Luongo.

Luongo and his group of runners say they did a light 13 miles Sunday morning, but there’s no question the heat and especially the humidity can take it’s toll.

“This...we get used to the heat, but this is hard.”

On Saturday evening, July 11, many residents also felt the steamy temperatures inside their homes after an equipment failure caused some 20,000 Entergy customers to lose power.

“As soon as it went out it was like ‘oh god it’s about to get really hot’ and it was already pretty hot in my apartment already,” said runner Amany Ishaq.

A spokesperson with Entergy New Orleans says the issue was not heat related but did give a list of tips for when the power goes out during a heat wave: such as closing blinds, shades and curtains to keep the sun out and the cool air in, and looking for a way to seal cracks and holes around doors and windows.

“I was thinking how am i going to sleep? How long is this going to last for? How hot is it going to get in the apartment?” said Ishaq.

“Our plan was to check into a hotel,” said Brite.

“When you have a baby, when they get overheated, they get sick.”

Some residents say they also try to limit how much power they use in the house to keep their energy bills down, but with little room to venture out due to the pandemic, the heat is becoming an added complication.

“We’re really limited on where we can go and what we can do right now.”

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