Jalen Thomas prepares for 2020 season on his own

Jalen Thomas prepares for 2020 season on his own
The first week of the LHSAA football regular season is Sept. 4. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

SLIDELL, La. (WVUE) - Nine a.m. on a summer’s day, the heat is brutal. Not ideal weather for a workout. But for linebacker Jalen Thomas this is where he thrives.

Pope John Paul's Jalen Thomas getting ready for unpredictable 2020

“Most people would be playing video games right now. I feel like this is a job to me, even though I’m in high school. I still like to get out and get better every day,” said PJP II linebacker Jalen Thomas.

Due to some COVID-19 positive tests at his school, Pope John Paul II, Thomas works with trainers instead of teammates to get ready for 2020.

“It’s crazy sir. I haven’t been able to be with my team in a long time. Be in that locker room, build a bond as a senior, be a leader. Not only to my upperclassmen, but the lowerclassmen. Set up a program. I miss having fun, going out there and competing. It’s out of our control right now. Our control is to train, and hope that we have a season,” said Thomas.

Thomas only has one offer so far, but he’s garnering a ton of attention. So he wants that senior season to happen. But right now there’s a lot of doubt around that situation.

“A very important senior season. I have a lot of interest right now. They need a little more proof. Because when they’re giving out a scholarship, they’re giving out money to a player that is coming on the campus to do well and be great. Unfortunately we’ve been thinking about it since March, that’s since we went on quarantine. Like I said, it’s a season you look forward to. Some people, it’s the last time they’re playing on Friday, on Friday nights. You want to be able to go out there and compete one last time with your brothers, family watching you. It’s not over yet. All we can do is be safe and wear a masks,” said Thomas.

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