Jamarian Henderson can do it all for McDonogh 35’s defense

Jamarian Henderson can do it all for McDonogh 35’s defense
Henderson will be a senior this fall.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Senior Jamarian Henderson is listed as a linebacker for McDonogh 35. But he can do so much more for the Roneagles.

McDonogh 35's Jamarian Henderson jack of all trades on defense

“Jamarian is a safety/outside linebacker/whatever we need. If he needs to get the quarterback, he’ll get it. If we need a pick, he’ll get it. That’s what he can do,” said McDonogh 35 head coach Frank Daggs.

“I think the hard work, the dedication I put in. When I’m in the game, my mind just think different flow. In and out, get off the field, that’s mostly it,” said McDonogh 35 head coach Jamarian Henderson.

Or Henderson can sometimes break down his position to the simplest terms.

“It’s hitting anybody with the ball. Anybody with the ball I hit,” said Henderson.

There’s no rush with Henderson’s recruitment. He wants to visit some campuses this fall, then make a decision.

“Going good. Got a couple of schools on lookout wanting to talk to me. From here and there, now and again. See what I can do. See who’s going to offer me more. If not, I’ll take what I got. See who’s feeling me the most. Contact me the most, then I’ll commit,” said Henderson.

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