Non-profits feed 900 families helping Fox 8 Makin’ Grocery

FOX 8 Makin’ Groceries food distribution provides meals to hundreds of families

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - For many families, this uncertain economy is making it hard just to put food on the table. Fox 8 joined in with an organization out of Miami to help feed local families.

Long lines at food distribution centers is a far too familiar sight. Second Harvest Food Bank says the organization distributed 22 million pounds of food since March.

“That’s about double of what we would do at this time of the year,” Jay Vise with Second Harvest said.

The Goodwill site at Tulane and Jefferson Davis plays an important roll. Goodwill Industries Southeast Louisiana jumped in early.

“At the end of March we started working with Second Harvest and Councilman Bank’s office and we have been doing food distribution for 17 weeks on Wednesday mornings,” said President and CEO Jodee Daroca.

This Wednesday the C & C Awesome Foundation stepped up to sponsor Fox 8 Making Groceries providing food for 900 families.

Sara Pritchard is the executive director of the Broadmoor Foundation.

“We have been operating an emergency food pantry with Second Harvest for many years and so when the Awesome Foundation knew that they wanted to do something like this in New Orleans they came to us first which we were really excited about,” Pritchard said.

The Caleb and Calder Sloan Awesome Foundation is based in Miami. Carl Kaufman explains its origin.

“Unfortunately, it came about through tragedy. My first-born oldest grandson lost his life in a horrible electrical swimming pool accident in Miami,” Kaufman said.

Kaufman’s daughter and son-in-law founded the organization to honor their son seven-year-old Calder Sloan who died in 2014.

“For the purpose of helping children and families who are not as fortunate as some of us,” Kaufman said.

The foundation named after Calder and his younger brother Caleb supports various causes that help families including funding school improvements in Miami, planeloads of donations to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and during the pandemic sponsoring similar food distributions in South Florida.

Kaufman explains why the foundation wanted to sponsor one here.

“We are here. Her brother and his family. They just felt and we just felt knowing New Orleans as we all do there is always a need in this city,” Kaufman said.

A need the Sloan family hopes to help fill as a part of their commitment to living out Calder's dreams for adventure, laughter and kindness through the foundation.

Anyone that needs help can dial 211 for information on food giveaways. You can help by donating time, money or products to Second Harvest or contacting the other organizations.

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