FOX 8 and VIVA NOLA partner to provide news “En Español”

FOX 8 and VIVA NOLA partner to provide news “En Español”
VIVA NOLA Magazine partnership (Source: WVUE)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - FOX 8 is proud to announce our partnership with VIVA NOLA to share FOX 8 News, Weather and Sports in Spanish. Through this partnership will provide critical news and information for our Spanish-speaking community.

“I am excited to help connect our Latino community to the content FOX 8 provides especially in regard to safety in terms of COVID-19 and severe weather,” said FOX 8 Vice President and General Manager Ronna Corrente. “As broadcasters it is our responsibility to provide critical information to as many people as possible, this helps us do that.”

VIVA NOLA Magazine is a print and digital variety publication, serving to provide the Latino/Hispanic perspective on current events from the world of news, entertainment and culture as they happen in the New Orleans area.

“This is an important partnership to reach the Hispanic audience with essential information especially during this pandemic and threats of severe weather,” said FOX 8 News Director Mikel Schaefer. “We look forward to working with Viva Nola to achieve such a critical goal.”

“We are very proud to work alongside such a respected news organization and will continue to work for our Latino community in a joint effort that will allow us to create and share more Spanish content in both the VIVA NOLA and FOX 8 media outlets,” said VIVA NOLA Publisher AnaMaria Bech.

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