Saints wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders eager to work with Drew Brees

Saints wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders eager to work with Drew Brees
Sanders has been to the Super Bowl three times with three separate teams.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The New Orleans Saints and Emmanuel Sanders is a connection that looks like the perfect match. Sanders agreed, that’s why it didn’t take much to convince him to sign in New Orleans this offseason.

Saints WR Emmanuel Sanders ready to roll with Drew Brees

“It really wasn’t a pitch,” Sanders said. “It was more me, my agent reaching out to them saying ‘I want to come.‘”

It worked, Sanders is here, and as a seasoned veteran that’s played in several successful systems, he pointed out what makes this Saints offense different than all the rest.

“I think it’s Drew,” he said. “Drew works; I love it. That guy goes to work every day, he is coming to work with energy. Nobody is going to outwork him. He’s the hardest working guy and he reminds me a lot of Peyton, and there’s a reason why those guys are great.”

Drew Brees’ name came up a lot in Sanders zoom conference Friday and shot down any knock on Brees’ age.

“I’m running full speed fast as I can, and he’s putting it out there on the money,” Sanders explained. “His arm strength is there. Drew don’t look like he’s 41. I’m just going to put it that way. The way this guy works and his arm strength. The only thing that looks 41 is his mind, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

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