Zack: Same August heat with a few storms

Highs will once again hit the mid 90s with a chance for a spotty storm or two.

Zack: Saturday Morning Forecast

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - It’s at this point of summer when we start dreaming of that first, fall cold front but August usually is the one to remind us just what time of year it is.

In true August fashion this weekend will be a hot one as highs both Saturday and Sunday head for the middle 90s. Now we continue to have slightly, less humid conditions which does impact our feels like values quite dramatically. Instead of feeling like 110-115 like earlier this summer, we only will see heat index values manage to hit 100-105. We will certainly take that at this time of year.

In addition to the heat this weekend there will be a chance for a spotty storm or two, especially during the afternoon hours. I think the best chance at seeing a storm will be for those that live around the lake or close to the coast. Most inland locations north of the lake are likely to stay dry.

Once we move into the new work week, I am seeing signs the pattern will change on us to a more typical mixture of heat and storms. Highs will back down into the lower 90s with a daily dose of sun and storms. Rain coverage jumps to around 50% each day.

Generally all remains quiet in the tropics and that looks to remain that way for the next week. The National Hurricane Center has one low chance of development area in the middle of the tropical Atlantic but this has very little model support so there isn’t much concern.

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