Lakeview residents frustrated with repeated car break-ins

Lakeview auto burglaries

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Dozens of neighbors in Lakeview say they’re tired of waking up to broken car windows again and wish they didn’t have to make the constant repairs. But despite all that, they tell us things could be much worse.

For a rising Holy Cross senior, there’s nothing like driving onto campus in a truck you’ve worked hard to take care of. But for Phillip Cruz Perez, he’s going to be driving with bags over the windows.

Perez says he set an early alarm to get into a routine for the beginning of school, When a phone call woke him up first.

“Oh, your trucks busted into, I walk outside and I’m like ‘oh darn’. NOPD cars and about a dozen other neighbors on the street saying, ‘oh look at this, it’s like a war zone here, glass everywhere’ all that stuff,’” Perez said.

A couple of doors down, the same thing with Gana Koehler and her husband’s car.

“It happened to us once before with the truck we had,” Koehler said.

Koehler says the second time was the same as the first: broken windows, and rummaged cars, but say the suspects took nothing of value.

“Our insurance deductible is not going to pay for it so it’s another expense that comes along… it’s definitely something that wasn’t happening a lot back then but it is now,” Koehler said.

When word trickled down Memphis Street of the break-ins, home surveillance videos gave a better picture of what happened early morning.

In the corner of one video, you can see the car headlights and then hear breaking glass. The homeowner then flickers his porch light, and the suspects drive off.

Shortly after this, more video from General Haig seems to show a man run from car to car pulling on door handles, before hopping back into the SUV following behind. With nothing of value missing, the neighbors on Memphis Street lent each other a helping hand.

“We all got to talk to each other this morning we all were out there sweeping up the glass,” Koehler said.

Both say they’re at least thankful for their neighbors, knowing some are worse off during these difficult times.

“This is such a tumultuous time it’s hard to know what needs to be done,” Koehler said.

“The robberies and car break-ins will spike at a time like this and depending on how the financial situation for them and how the economy manages it could go on for as long as we know,” Perez said.

Neighbors estimate the suspects broke into a couple of dozen cars.

NOPD did not confirm how many incidents they’re investigating.

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