Alvin Kamara focused on many things going into season but new contract isn’t one of them

Alvin Kamara focused on many things going into season but new contract isn’t one of them
New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara (No. 41) (Source: Mark Lagrange)

NEW ORLEANS (WAFB) - Part of the formula for success in the NFL as a franchise is navigating the hard salary cap and finding talented players at a bargain.

The New Orleans Saints 2017 draft class is a great example and no player exemplifies underpaid more than Alvin Kamara.

Drafted 67th overall in the third round, Kamara is entering the final year of his four-year deal this season. Outside of Drew Brees and Michael Thomas, Kamara has, without question, been the most important skill player on offense.

With so much debate about how to pay running backs these days, Kamara certainly knows the contract is being talked about but he explained that after an injury-filled less productive 2019 plus the current pandemic, it’s not the most pressing issue.

“My main focus this offseason was getting back healthy; I had a rocky year last year dealing with injuries, so I’ve dealt with that, got back healthy, and I’m here now just trying to get back in the swing, trying to navigate what’s going on with this corona thing, just focused on what we’ve got to do as a team,” said Kamara. “It’s never been something ... I never came in thinking about like, ‘Oh, I can’t wait until I get a contract.’ It’s like, I’m playing and when that comes, it’s going to be well deserved and it’s going to be perfect timing for it. It’s just not something that’s on the forefront of my day. It is not something I wake up thinking about.”

The Saints have been enjoying the spoils of Kamara’s production for the last three seasons. He’s produced 37 touchdowns and almost 4,500 yards from scrimmage, earning an average salary of under a million dollars, which ranks No. 73 on the running back pay scale.

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