LSU’s Brennan, Stevens talk about start of fall camp, as Tigers hit the field for Day 3

LSU’s Brennan, Stevens talk about start of fall camp, as Tigers hit the field for Day 3
LSU quarterback Myles Brennan (No. 15) (Source: Gus Stark)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - LSU redshirt junior quarterback Myles Brennan and senior safety JaCoby Stevens spoke with sports journalists in the Baton Rouge area for the first time since March, as the Tigers were on the practice field for the third day of fall camp.

A virtual interview session was held with the pair Wednesday, August 19, via Zoom.

Like many of us who have had to run back to the car to grab our mask before entering a grocery store or other public place, the LSU football players are getting used to this new world and doing their best to form the right habits.

The time is now for Brennan, who likely will be watched more closely than any other Tiger this year. Brennan has appeared in games as far back as the 2017 season when he was a very thin true freshman, occasionally getting time behind the senior Danny Etling.

Since then, Brennan has seen a graduate transfer in Joe Burrow come to town and have the season of a lifetime for a quarterback at LSU. And now, there’s a virus that’s trying to derail the entire year. However, the once 175-pounder is now a stout 220 pounds and eager to prove he’s ready.

Brennan talked about his experience while with the Tigers. He went through coaching changes and now, COVID-19. He said he thinks it has made him stronger having to go through those obstacles.

Myles Brennan Interview

He explained he and offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger get along well and it is very helpful that Ensminger played the position. He added he thinks the extended time before the first game is helpful. He feels as though he knows the offense pretty well and feels very comfortable with the playbook. He added the offensive line guys are his best friends and they all take care of each other.

Brennan said he lives alone and takes classes online, so he pretty much just goes from his apartment to the practice facility to minimize his exposure to getting infected. He also admitted the possibility of transferring crossed his mind but he decided to stay and fight to earn the starting quarterback job at LSU.

Brennan had nothing but good things to say about freshman tight end Arik Gilbert, pointing out he doesn’t think Gilbert has dropped a pass so far in camp. He noted Gilbert’s size and speed.

LSU safety JaCoby Stevens (No. 3)
LSU safety JaCoby Stevens (No. 3) (Source: LSU Sports)

Stevens answered questions first. He talked about his relationship with new defensive coordinator Bo Pelini and what his role will be in this new defense. Stevens is impressed with new transfer linebacker Jabril Cox and also complimented the skillset Gilbert brings to the offense.

JaCoby Stevens Interview

Stevens also talked about how different the experience will be if there are no fans in Tiger Stadium. He said the crowd adds excitement to playing but he understands the protocols are in place to protect them and everyone else, so it’s just something they have to accept. He encourages everyone to follow the guidelines put in place by the university and governor.

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