Cook relishing another year with Brees as his QB

Cook relishing another year with Brees as his QB
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) call a play during an NFL football training camp practice at the Ochsner Sports Performance Center in Metairie, La., Thursday, July 20, 2020. ( Photo/David Grunfeld, Pool) (Source: David Grunfeld)

METAIRIE, La. (WVUE) - It took a little time, due to a Drew Brees injury, but on the back end of 2019, the Brees to Jared Cook connection was on-point. In 2020, the combo should only get better.

Jared Cook looking forward to a full season with Drew Brees

“Each and every year you want to improve. Last year I set personal highs in TDs and YAC (yards after catch). And I think that was really huge for me, but I still feel like I can improve on that and get better, you know. Early on me and Drew (Brees) were out, in the beginning of the season. So I feel like having a full season with him under our belt, and to play together and continue to improve, that’s only going to make this team and us better,” said tight end Jared Cook,

It’s only a week into camp, but Cook sees overall the offense heating up. It also helps that the defense is pushing the unit every day on Airline Drive.

“I think we’re doing pretty good. I think it’s some areas of improvement, but off the bat in terms of energy coming off the ball, firing off the ball, finding running lanes for the running backs, moving the ball downfield, I think we’re doing pretty good. You know, there’s always room for improvement and it’s still early. And I think we could get a lot better than that, than we are right now. And like I said before, defense, they got a new look to them this year, man. They’re firing off the ball and they got Malcolm Jenkins back there. That’s helping them quite a bit. And they’re throwing a lot of different looks at us,” said Cook.

Behind Cook, the Saints have a deep depth chart at tight end. Josh Hill, Garrett Griffin, and the rookies Adam Trautman and Tommy Stevens give the team options at the spot going forward.

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