Rookie TE Tommy Stevens “respects” Taysom Hill’s game

Rookie TE Tommy Stevens “respects” Taysom Hill’s game
New Orleans Saints tight end Tommy Stevens runs a drill during an NFL football training camp practice at the Ochsner Sports Performance Center in Metairie, La., Friday, July 21, 2020. ( Photo/David Grunfeld, Pool) (Source: David Grunfeld)

METAIRIE, La. (WVUE) - At Mississippi State Tommy Stevens got most of his work at quarterback. With the Saints, it's primarily at tight end.

Saints rookie Tommy Stevens leaning on Taysom Hill after moving to tight end

“I think obviously the biggest difference is, for me is, just the things that I am doing right now. I guess I’ve never really, just been a tight end before. Obviously I’ve done some things as far as like, drill work and things like that. But just being a tight end right now, has been different for me, but (I’m) still doing some similar things I’ve done in the past. So, it’s been fun. The speed of the game is fast. You know, I went from playing in the Big 10 (and) playing in the SEC. Obviously I’ve played a lot of these guys (that) have played in those types of conferences. So, speed has been fast, but it is not overwhelmingly fast. So far it’s been fun,” said tight end Tommy Stevens

Stevens played quarterback in college, but now catches passes for the Saints. So the comparison to Taysom Hill is warranted, and the rookie is no doubt leaning on the Saints Swiss Army knife to knowledge.

“Yeah, Taysom (Hill) has been great. He has been (great)…and I say just Taysom but, all the older guys have been really, really good to me and really have taken me under their wing you could say, but Taysom specifically. I had some questions for him, even before I got to the building. Just talking to him, and, obviously, I was really, really excited to meet him, to meet everybody here. But given the similarities that you could say we have as a player, I respect his game.

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