Tulane continues testing and practicing with opener on the horizon

Tulane continues testing and practicing with opener on the horizon
Tulane tests players 2-3 times a week for COVID-19 during training camp. (Source: Garland Gillen)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Practice, practice, practice, testing, testing, testing. That’s been the routine for the Tulane football team the last few months. A day-to-day new reality that the squad has handled pretty good so far.

Tulane keeps testing and practicing with opener almost here

“It’s been a lot of work for the players. It’s been a lot of work for the coaches, the managers, trainers. Then you throw that testing component in there. We test all the time. I think I’ve had that swab up my nose, seriously, 20-25 times since June 15th. We’re doing it 2-3 times a week. The guys have done it as well. We’ve done pretty darn good with the testing,” said Tulane head coach Willie Fritz.

All those practices are finally going to pay off next weekend. When the Green Wave hit the road to face South Alabama.

“Yeah they’re pumped up for it. You’re exactly right, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Tonight, two of our opponents in our first three games are playing against each other, South Alabama against Southern Miss. I know our guys are going to be glued to the TV sets tonight at 8 o’clock, watching those games. This is why you work all this time. This has been a long camp,” said Fritz.

“I’m super pumped. We have the right preparations going into next week. Doing all the little things, watching film. Getting the game film ready. Just making sure we have everything we need to make sure we go out and execute to our highest potential,” said Tulane quarterback Keon Howard.

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