Struggling bar owners eager for Phase 3 in Louisiana

Phase 3 in Louisiana begins tomorrow; excluding Orleans Parish

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - On Thursday, Governor Edwards announced that the state would move into phase 3 coronavirus protocols tomorrow, which means more freedom in the way business is conducted. While businesses are eager, they still have many questions.

COVID-19 has been brutal to the bar business and no one knows that more than Faye Wagner.

“We had to let some people go because of the shifts when we have a whole bar open, we naturally need more people,” Wagner said.

Wagner owns six Daiquiris and Creams and paid close attention as the governor announced the state would move into phase 3.

“This was probably the hardest decision I’ve made this far. Not because of the data but, because of everything going on recently,” said Governor John Bel Edwards.

Edwards says he’s concerned Labor Day gatherings, Hurricane Laura evacuations, and recent school openings could cause a possible COVID spike.

“We will be anxious over the next three weeks to get data and see what it does,” he said.

Under White House, phase 3 guidelines the door could be opening for visitation to senior living centers and movie theaters. The White House’s phase three also calls for more standing rooms in bars, which have been largely shut down. The governor says he’ll release more on Louisiana’s phase three guidelines tomorrow.

As we move into phase 3, the governor is making it clear that if the covid numbers head in the wrong direction he is prepared to take action.

After being shut down for nearly 6 months Faye Wagner is eager for a lifting of restrictions against people going into her daiquiri bars.

“People want to come back and do the football, pools and have normalcy about our lives. Truthfully, it’s been going on a long time,” Wagner said.

And she says she’s ready to enforce whatever social distancing and mask rules the governor will require as he prepares to announce more specifics about moving into phase 3.

Governor Edwards did stress phase three doesn’t mean he’s lifting all restrictions and he says people still need to do their part.

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