Locals including businesses are thrilled Hurricane Sally isn’t targeting the New Orleans area

New Orleans breathes a sigh of relief as Sally moves east

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Some local businesses are relieved they will not have to close because of Hurricane Sally and while New Orleans is no longer in the forecast cone Mayor Latoya Cantrell says the city remains on guard.

At C&A Seafood in Mid-City customers lined up to place orders and workers at the restaurant like Kim Tran are happy the business can remain open.

She says there are negative impacts when businesses are forced to close due to hurricanes.

“It’s very, very hurtful for everybody, not only me because we need paychecks to survive, to pay bills, to pay everything, so I’m glad the owner stayed open,” Tran said.

Hubert Smith and Lori Dupuy sat in the restaurant’s outdoor seating area to enjoy boiled seafood.

Smith said 2020 is throwing a lot at everyone.

“They had it right when they said, let’s call it New Year’s and get on with 2021,” Smith said.

He said he lost his grandmother in the Spring.

“I lost my beloved grandmother that had me move back here to New Orleans this past March,” said Smith.

And like everyone else he is finding ways to cope with the back-to-back hurricane threats and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Lots of diversions, as you can see we’re taking advantage of the day, you know, it’s such difficult times and there’s so many with such hardships, spend a lot of time with family,” said Smith.

Dupuy echoed their gratefulness that Sally is sparing the New Orleans area.

“We haven’t been broken yet, we’re just getting stronger every day,” Dupuy said.

Even though the city will not feel the worst of Sally’s impacts Mayor Cantrell said city government is staying on guard and monitoring areas situated outside the levee protection system.

“We have to remain vigilant and all departments, all partners are doing just that,” said Cantrell.

New Orleans Director of Homeland Security Collin Arnold joined the mayor in thanking residents for heeding City Hall’s guidance in terms of preparing for Sally and two previous storms, Marco and Laura. Also, more tropical systems are being watched by forecasters.

“It’s been a long year with COVID, we’ve been affected by several storms, we’ve done this before, we may have to do it again. I know there’s an element of fatigue out there but everyone in this city responds and rises to the occasion,” said Arnold.

And while 2020 is putting more pressure on city government and the active hurricane season is far from over the mayor says New Orleans and her citizens remain resilient.

“We’re going to come out of this stronger than we were when we started 2020 and so that’s how I lead my team,” said Cantrell.

Tran said she remains prayerful.

“We always worry but we have to think about let God protect us,” said Tran.

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