Governor Ivey issues statement on Hurricane Sally

Governor Ivey issues statement on Hurricane Sally
Hurricane Sally makes landfall at Gulf Shores (Source: SOURCE: Tyler Fingert/FOX 10)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WALA) - Alabama Governor Kay Ivey issued the following statement after Hurricane Sally made landfall near Gulf Shores on Wednesday, September 16.

"As Hurricane Sally continues to impact our state and as it slowly makes its way across inland Alabama, it is imperative that we all heed warnings from our trusted weather experts and local leaders. My team and I are closely monitoring the situation and evaluating the effects of this unpredictable storm.

"Likewise, I am remaining in constant communication with local officials along our coastal areas, and I have assured them -- as well as pledge to all Alabamians -- that we will provide every resource possible from the state level in order to help folks recover in the days and weeks ahead. The Alabama National Guard is standing by to assist, as is the Alabama Department of Transportation, ALEA and every other state partner. We are ready to respond however and wherever needed.

"There are many areas seeing historic flood levels along the Eastern Shore and Mobile; unfortunately, we could easily see flooding throughout the day. Hurricane Sally has been a slow-moving storm, which only adds to some natural delays in restoring power, water and other essential services.

"Please, please refrain from getting on our roads to go check on storm damage unless you absolutely have to; even then, I urge everyone to use all caution. The best thing is for people to remain home if at all possible.

"As our first responders are working diligently around-the-clock, please remember to only call 9-1-1 for a life threatening emergency. At this time, we have to utilize our first responders for the most critical needs.

“Stay safe, and stay smart. We will be with you the whole way, Alabama!”

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