Hurricane Sally victims around the Gulf Coast recount riding the storm out

Residents recount Hurricane Sally

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - From Orange Beach to Dauphin island, storm victims describe just how terrifying it was to ride Sally out.

Some say they thought a category one or two hurricane would not be that bad, but now they tell us that certainly wasn’t the case.

“The windows sounded like they were getting hit with bricks. It was just so loud and the house was just twisting and we have a metal roof like most of the houses here and whatever was hitting it just sounded like it was huge,” said Shelly Ferrell, Dauphin Island Storm victim said.

The storm sent power lines and trees crashing down and the water just kept creeping up.

“Our house is on pilings, so I ran down late last night in the middle of it to try to stick our phones in the car to charge them. I step off the last step of our house and I went almost waist deep. Our normally nice yard is completely flooded. It was very intimidating to say the least, but we made it through,” Ferrell said.

Today, it’s clear just how much damage the category 2 hurricane left behind on Dauphin Island-- you’ll hear a similar account from ono island.

“From what I have seen it’s pretty dramatic. This just crawled like a baby learning to walk it stayed here forever. It came in at high tide here and we still have another high tide to go,” said Jeff Jacobs, ONO Island storm victim.

Both storm victims tell us their families are okay and their homes only had minor damage, but their neighbors weren’t as lucky

“Trees fell on cars. Trees fell on houses,” Ferrell said.

And it’s not just neighborhoods on the water that are dealing with damage tonight. It’s far reaching inland in areas like Mobile and Foley.

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