Bruce: Beta forms in the Gulf- breezy-cooler-showery weekend ahead

Friday Evening weather

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -Tropical Storm Beta forms in the west central Gulf. Get used to the clouds and spotty showers as this will be the rule over the next several days as clouds blow off the northeastern side of the storm. . A weak front moved in lowering temps and humidity a bit.

This evening will turn breezy late with few spotty showers. temps will feel a bit cooler.

Going into the weekend we will notice this cool front as a gusty breeze takes hold and cooler air will be felt by all. The only problem is the tropical system in the Gulf will continue to push clouds and even rain into our area ruining the weather behind this first “cool” front of the year. Both Saturday and Sunday we will be dodging rain showers as highs are held in the 70s across most of the area.

As long as Tropical Storm Beta remains parked over the western Gulf, our weather will remain unchanged even into next week as we remain cloudy, breezy and wet at times.

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