Families wish leaders would have lifted nursing home visitation ban sooner

Daughter pulls mom out of nursing home amid new guidelines

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - It was August when Norma Veade realized she could no longer leave her 87-year-old mother with dementia, Mary Roy in the nursing home.

She remembers going to see her, but with the ban on visitors, she could barely communicate with her.

“It was hard enough for me to go to the window, but I felt like I had to go to the window. I had to just let her see that somebody was going to the window,” Veade said.

But now, since bringing her mother home, Veade says she’s noticed a difference in her mother.

“She’s eating on her own, she’s enjoying it when I see her able to get up from the bed with the walker and I know that she’s getting some strength,” she said. “I think it’s just human nature to be around people and it makes you feel better it just does that’s just what happens.”

Her only regret: not moving her out sooner.

“I kept thinking it’s going to end soon, which I think everybody did. I just didn’t so I’m so glad I took her out when I did,” Veade said.

Louisiana will follow recently-released federal guidelines to allow visitors back inside nursing homes. If nursing homes meet certain criteria, they can allow visitors inside. Others will be limited to outdoor visits only.

The Louisiana Nursing Home Association saying it’s because of the nursing home profession’s efforts "to reduce the spread of Covid 19 that they can allow visitors again, saying they’re “eager for facilities to reunite residents with their loved ones”.

Veade says the ban on visits should have been lifted months ago, especially as many nursing homes haven’t had active Covid cases in months.

“It frustrates me it didn’t happen sooner. It frustrates me that so many people have already lost their lives not just from Covid but just because they didn’t have love in their lives, they didn’t get to be with their loved ones that’s what frustrates me… it’s not just who I visit it’s the other people there that I visit, it’s absolutely a ripple effect,” Veade said.

Her family has made some sacrifices to bring her mother back home, and Veade says they may make the decision to put her back in a home in the future. But now, she says she’s grateful to see her mom smiling again.

Veade says she made the decision to pull her mother out of care simply because of the ban on visits.

Families wishing to visit their loved ones in nursing homes should call to schedule a time beforehand.

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