Nicondra: Wet and dreary thanks to Beta

Some heavier rain expected during the week

Nicondra: Wet and dreary thanks to Beta
Gulf moisture streams north making for wet weather across the central coasts. (Source: WVUE Weather)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Yet another tropical system swirling in the Gulf. Beta will meander offshore for a few days with the official forecast swinging the storm west towards Texas before it hooks back to the east still along the Gulf Coast. The storm is very sheared with some dry air getting pulled into the swirl that may prevent the previous forecasts for it to become a hurricane. All is very uncertain at this point and we will have to pay attention.

In the meantime over the next couple of days plenty of tropical moisture is streaming north with this system. The good news is the promised cold front did make it as far as the coast keeping the deeper moisture and what would likely be flooding rains offshore.

Over the next several days we can expect most of the area to continue to see light to moderate rain with some heavier embedded storms possible Sunday into the beginning of the week.

Less organized tropical systems have the potential to dump a lot of rain far from the center. As the Beta evolves there is the opportunity that southeast Louisiana could see more intense rain totals that would lead to flash flooding over the week ahead. Continue to monitor the forecast with Fox 8.

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