Zack: Beta brings an ugly weekend of weather

Tropical Storm Beta will keep rain chances high over the next week.

Zack: Saturday Morning Forecast

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Tropical Storm Beta is churning over the west-central Gulf and it’s slow meandering over the next several days will keep rain chances quite high.

For the weekend it will be a consistent breezy, rain falling across much of the area as we will have around a 100% coverage today and an 80% coverage on Sunday. The heaviest rain will be in our coastal locations and offshore as a cool front has pushed down to the coast and stalled. This will trap the tropical moisture offshore keeping the heaviest rain from penetrating inland. We still could see a downpour from time to time but the flooding rains should remain just offshore.

There is little change expected over the next several days as Beta will slowly move closer to Texas but we will remain in that southerly fetch of moisture. This will keep rain chances high through much of next week and with time, heavy rainfall leading to flash flooding could become a problem. We will need to monitor this closely as the final track of Beta will determine our weather going forward.

All indications are Tropical Storm Beta will become a hurricane as it slowly meanders along the Texas coastline. By the middle of next week the storm will then slingshot back to the northeast possibly making landfall in Louisiana as a tropical storm. It’s safe to say this forecast is highly uncertain due to the slow motion of the storm. Outside of the rain impacts, we will have to remain vigilant next week on other tropical impacts.

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