JP President says multi-million dollar project to improve Metairie Rd. drainage hasn’t been abandoned

JP President says multi-million dollar project to improve Metairie Rd. drainage hasn’t been abandoned

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng says a multi-million dollar project to improve drainage on Metairie Road hasn’t been abandoned. But, she says her drainage department will have to regroup to find another way to fix flooding in the area.

Business and property owners on Metairie Rd. say they’ve had to deal with it for far too long.

“The drainage is terrible between Causeway and Severn. It appears now that even a slightly heavy rain, we’re getting flooding. My neighbors across the street have flooded at least a half dozen times in the last five years, my office has gotten water twice,” said property owner Craig Cabral.

They brought their concerns to the Jefferson Parish Council Monday and voiced their support for a proposed project that would increase drainage capacity of the system along Metairie Rd. from the 17th Street Canal to Causeway. Problem is, one version of that project would require crews to access Metairie Country Club’s golf course. Lee Sheng says the country club rejected the parish’s offer to access their land while the club renovated its golf course.

“It did require us to have an agreement on how much that land is and when the offer was rejected, we just realized that it was a tough time frame for us to deliver on anyway, given the scope of this project and how much money is involved,” said Lee Sheng.

But, Lee Sheng says the parish hasn’t abandoned the $20 million drainage project. She says her drainage team will now have to find another way to do it.

“The construction project on this is that high, you have the Geisenheimer, maybe we will be able to access that on Airline Road, and that’s the thing, you try to do something that doesn’t disrupt a major thoroughfare, but you know, we have work going on all the time that unfortunately disrupts, that’s progress,” Lee Sheng said.

We also spoke with Council member Jennifer Van Vrancken who represents that district. She says she is adamant about moving the project forward.

There’s no word on a timeline yet for when the project might come to fruition. We reached out to Metairie Country Club, but they haven’t gotten back to us.

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