Northshore residents frustrated with prolonged coastal flooding, asking for help clearing ditches

Northshore residents frustrated with prolonged coastal flooding, asking for help clearing ditches

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - You drive down Lake Road, cars have been parked on higher ground, and warning signs of high water are frequent.

Residents in the area say they know when a storm comes, it means flooding, but they wish they had more help.

“If they would dig the ditches a little bit I think we wouldn’t have as much water that’s in the back,” said Ahmad Batiste.

Ahmad Batiste remembers years ago, flooding along Barringer road wasn’t a huge issue, but now they’re seeing this water more often. He says it used to recede within good time, but it’s unusual for levels to stay this high, for days on end.

“If you want to come through like this if you wanna come through on a four wheeler, that’s how you’re going to get to the store anything,” said Batiste.

But not everyone can load up in a vehicle like that. Viola Dupre says with an injury like hers, she can’t leave her house when its surrounded by water.

“We just stuck like chuck with water, the whole Lacombe now they have water, the whole Lacombe they got water, that’s because there’s nowhere to go to the ditch need to be dug,” said Dupre.

A parish spokesperson said there is an existing work order to clear out the ditches since late August, and will tend to it once the water recedes. In the meantime they’re asking residents to just stay as alert and prepared as possible.

In statement, Parish President, Mike Cooper says “We are prepared and we ask residents in these impacted areas to stay vigilant. We ask everyone to drive with consideration for others in these impacted areas.”

“I’m tired of the water, I’m tired of begging people to do something to make it nice for the children to go to school and stuff instead of taking a little pirogue to go to school,” said Dupre.

In the meantime, residents hope the winds will change soon so the water levels will too.

“We’ve been staying back here for every storm that done past and it’s flooded every time and we just wait it out,” said Batiste.

To this point most of the homes on Barringer are elevated, and the parish says they’ve had no reports of water in homes.

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