John Curtis training for success in 2020

John Curtis training for success in 2020
Taylor will be a junior this fall at John Curtis. (Source: John Curtis)

RIVER RIDGE, La. (WVUE) - The beautiful sound of shoulder pads crashing together in River Ridge means John Curtis is getting ready for another run at a state crown. The Patriots own 27 state titles so far, and these practices are vital to the process of forming a championship team.

Curtis primed for another big postseason run in 2020

“I tell people this all the time. You can practice basketball just like you play it. Play baseball just like you play it. You can practice tennis just like you play it. When you put those pads on, everything changes in football. So to have the opportunity to put the pads on, and to acclimate ourselves to those pads, and to get used to the contact was invaluable. We have plenty of time to do that. Even though we had the hurricane come in, it was very difficult, we didn’t have school. We have plenty of time to get ourselves ready based on what we’ve done in the past based on our regular season. So the time is not going to be a factor. It will still be a really big plus for us,” said JT Curtis.

Getting to hit was no doubt a big development, but getting the chance to scrimmage was also vital to a smooth 2020 start.

“No question that was unbelievable. You could feel it throughout the entire school when we got the announcement. But I think they did a couple of things that were good. One was they allowed us to get the scrimmage. It’s very, very important to work out the kinks before going into our first game. I thought that was evident with the NFL. I thought there was a number of missed tackles and missed assignments. It was simply because they didn’t have an opportunity for a warmup. We’re really excited about that. We have chance to go to St. Paul’s. We go there every year. It’s a great scrimmage. Get the kinks worked out. Of course, moving the season up a little bit to get us back a little quicker, added plum to the pie,” said Curtis.

Coach Curtis is obviously fired up about the 2020 season, and so are his senior leaders.

“Oh it’s great. We’ve waited a long time for this. Didn’t think we were going to have season, my senior year especially. Just wondering if we were going to play or not. It’s a great feeling. Finally get to do what you love. We’ve been working on it all these years,” said senior WR Joshua Dudenhoeffer.

“Oh yeah, putting some moves on some offensive lineman felt good. I’m just ready. Working with my team, getting us together, it’s an amazing feeling. It’s been awhile since I felt like this,” said senior defensive lineman Elinus Noel.

John Curtis opens their regular season against Landry-Walker.

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