Hurricane Season 2020: Living life in the cone

A total of five storms this season put Southeast Louisiana in the cone of uncertainty.

Zack: Living Inside the Cone of Despair

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - If it felt like this hurricane season we lived life inside the cone of uncertainty, it’s because we did.

A total of five storms this year had Southeast Louisiana within the crosshairs as we certainly spent more time in the cone rather than out of it. In the end only two landfalls occurred in our area and thankfully those two storms were the weak ones, Marco and Cristobal.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for our friends to the east and west as category four Hurricane Laura devastated Southwest Louisiana back in August with winds of 150 mph at landfall. Laura will go down as one of the strongest wind storms to impact Louisiana in the state’s history. On the east side of us, Sally took a beneficial jog to the right sparing our area but the slow moving category two hurricane brought significant impacts to the Alabama and Florida coastlines from Gulf Shores to Pensacola.

Looking back through the hurricane cone records, it only looks like one other season put our area in the cone of five different storms. That season would be 2005, the year of Katrina.

Another record 2020 is going for is the most named storm landfalls in a single season. We currently sit at nine landfalls for the year which ties 1916 for the most landfalls on record. Hurricane season isn’t over yet though.

Record number of named storm landfalls
Record number of named storm landfalls (Source: FOX 8 Weather)

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