Saints hold the edge at halftime

Saints hold the edge at halftime
Alvin Kamara found the end zone in the first quarter for the Saints. (Source: Brett Duke)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The Saints are 0-1 in primetime this season (lost to the Raiders on Monday Night Football), and don’t want another blemish in front of a national audience.

After one half of play, the Saints hold the edge, thanks to a Drew Brees to Emmanuel Sanders 10-yard touchdown right at the end of the second quarter.

Brees threw for 104 yards and two touchdown passes at the half. Packers' Aaron Rodgers threw for 106 yards, and a touchdown pass in the first two frames.

Trailing 3-0, the Saints cooked up a scoring drive midway through the first quarter. Alvin Kamara broke free for a 49-yard run, and then capped off the series with an 11-yard TD reception.

But, the Saints couldn’t keep Rodgers down for long. The veteran connected with Alan Lazard for a 5-yard touchdown, giving Green Bay a 13-7 advantage.

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