Nicondra: A strong front pushing in today

A few late afternoon storms and dramatic temperature difference on the way

Nicondra: A strong front pushing in today
Temperatures expected to fall about 20 degrees behind a cold front moving south Monday September 28, 2020. (Source: WVUE Weather)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - A dramatic change with much drier and cooler air moving in behind the first real cold front of the season. Muggy and warm conditions with highs making it into the middle to upper 80s today will be replaced as winds shift to the north and cooler air filters in. Some locations will drop into the 60s by this evening. A line of storms will develop ahead of the frontal boundary with a few stronger storms possible. That will be the last rain around for a while as dry conditions will hold for several days and a second front moves in by the end of the week to keep it comfy and mostly dry right into next weekend.

Just a reminder that hurricane season is not over yet. While we’ve pushed past the peak there are several more active weeks ahead. The National Hurricane Center is watching an area in the northern Caribbean for development in the extended period.

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