Legislative task force looking at ways to lower car insurance rates in Louisiana

Legislative task force looking at ways to lower car insurance rates in Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -A legislative task force is looking for ways to lower car insurance rates in Louisiana.

During a meeting Tuesday, the task force said rates in the state are the second highest in the country. The task force wants to identify why they’re so high and what it can do to lower them.

The Chairman of the Senate Insurance Committee, Senator Kirk Talbot, R-Metairie, spoke of the recent Federal investigation in New Orleans involving staged tractor trailer accidents. The Feds have indicted 28 people in the case, accusing them of staging car accidents to defraud commercial carriers and their insurance companies. The FBI is now involved in the murder investigation of Cornelius Garrison. He was killed last week, just days after the Feds indicted him in that sprawling probe.

“We have a big thing brewing down in New Orleans with staged accidents, with 18-wheelers and actually I think a person that had turned state’s evidence or something was murdered last week, so, that’s something that’s really kind of blowing up in the media right now. But, I would like to know how we compare to other states, maybe we have as tough laws as we have or maybe we need to make them tougher, you know, the penalties for staging accidents,” said Talbot.

The Task Force on Affordable Auto Insurance will come up with recommendations and decide what legislative action should come out of those recommendations. They have until December 2021 to do that.

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