New depression forms in Caribbean as our weather remains perfect

Tropical Depression #25 has formed in the Caribbean and will likely become Gamma over the weekend.

Zack: Friday Noon weather forecast

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Our weather remains just about as good as it can get at this time of year and the good news is it will stick around all weekend long.

Another front has moved through the region bringing a reinforcing shot of cooler and drier air. This next batch of that good feel air will drop our highs back into the 70s on this Friday and those 70s look to remain with us through the first half of the weekend. Sunny skies will also be dominating the forecast over the next several days with the cool starts give way to pleasantly mild days.

The National Hurricane Center has upgraded Tropical Depression #25 as the system we have been tracking over the northwest Caribbean continues to get better organized. All indications are this storm will strengthen into Gamma within the next 24 hours as it churns closer to the Yucatan Peninsula this weekend. Right now we continue to have a pattern blocking over us so this will limit any type of northward movement towards the Gulf Coast and that pattern sticks around even into early next week. A slow, meandering storm over the far southern Gulf or Yucatan Channel is likely into next week so get ready to track this one for awhile.

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