The Extra Point: How to handle last-minute game changes

The Extra Point: How to handle last-minute game changes

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - It’s been quite a week in the NFL from the Titans and Steelers postponing their match-up to the drama around the Patriots and Cam Newton’s positive test, all capped off by a scare from the New Orleans Saints late Saturday night.

What it’s all told me as a fantasy football league manager is to be prepared for whatever happens with some contingency plans in place for any given week. Here’s what we decided to do in my league in case of a last minute game change.

As league manager, I’m allowing each team that has starters in question to make their roster picks worry free. Each team can start who they’d like, and before kickoff of the noon games on Sunday, each manager can let me know who they’d like as a possible back-up in case their starter cannot play.

For example, if Team A has Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and a back-up that’s playing on Sunday, they can start Patrick Mahomes and let me know that they’d like to have the back-up started in Mahomes place should the Chiefs game be postponed. Once the noon games begin, I make the list public so everyone knows there’s no funny business.

To qualify, that team must have the named back-up on the roster by noon kickoff.

It seems like the best way to allow people to freely manage their teams without being left without options due to a day-of change, which is a real possibility this season any given week.

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