Juan’s World: One Team, One Saints Heartbeat

Juan’s World: One Team, One Saints Heartbeat
New Orleans Saints players enter the field together (Source: Edwin Goode, WVUE-FOX 8)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Welcome into Juan’s World. Late night Covid-19 testing. Waiting and wondering. Can we just play a football game without interruption?

These are the things the Saints had to deal with before they played the Lions on Sunday.

Fullback Michael Burton tested positive and many, many hours later, the Saints found out it was another ‘false-positive', their fourth in this strange NFL covid year. So he, along with everyone in his vicinity, was allowed to play.

Can you imagine Sean Payton’s pre-game speech? It probably went something like....What a night it’s been for us. Sleep deprived, missing six starters and we’ve lost our last two games. That team over there (Lions) is probably licking their chops. Let’s go out there and shock their system.

That’s my guess and based on how they played today, with everyone coming together and playing as one team with one Saints heartbeat, they got a much needed and much deserved victory.

There are always things that teams can use as motivation and the Saints list was a pretty long one today. But, they won’t always have these to lean on. Instead, motivation will need to come from within.

Hopefully, today’s performance puts the Saints back on the right path to being one of the NFL’s most dominant teams again.

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