Grand Isle issues evacuation order as they prepare for another storm

Grand Isle issues evacuation order as they prepare for another storm

GRAND ISLE, La. (WVUE) - People evacuating Grand Isle today had to fight some rainstorms as island officials prepare for hurricane Delta. The island has been battered and bruised more than usual this year.

Grand Isle officials say they have dealt with flooding six times this year which may be a record. Most of that was from tropical storm threats and hurricane delta may also deliver a severe blow.

“You can see the damage from a tropical storm...we don’t need something like this,” said Mayor David Camardelle standing on top of a badly damaged Levee.

For that reason the towns mayor ordered a mandatory evacuation for all boats trailers and RVs even though Delta is still three days out.

“We had 50 campers in the state park people been coming all day to get their stuff,” said Camardelle.

The mayor met with Louisiana national guard much of the day coordinating plans to bring in 350 additional sandbags.

“We are looking at 300 feet of breach and will be placing super sacks with 63 smaller sacks embedded in it,” said Major Noel Bellas with the Louisiana national guard.

While much of the island has already emptied, Michelle Schoenaerd says she is not leaving until she finds her missing dog.

“I don’t care what happens with the hurricane we are here until we find him,” she said.

That woman may not have an option in the days ahead. Town officials will meet tomorrow to consider expanding their current evacuation order.

The state of Louisiana is sending in 15 additional pumps to help clear flood water from Grand Isle.

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