Delta a Category 4 hurricane; La. landfall likely late week

4 PM UPDATE: Tracking Delta

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Delta is getting stronger in the Caribbean and is expected to reach the Gulf as a major hurricane by Wednesday. It was upgraded to a Category 4 hurricane with maximum winds up to 145 mph with gusts of 175 mph. The storm is moving WNW at 17 mph.

After brushing the Yucatan late tonight, it will move over the open waters of the Gulf on Wednesday and Thursday. It will likely be a major hurricane entering the Gulf, and Delta is now forecast to gain Category 4 status in the central Gulf.

A turn to the north is expected on Thursday. How sharp of a turn and when that occurs will determine where exactly the storm crosses the coast Friday night. At this time, the entire Louisiana and Mississippi coastlines are at risk for a hurricane by the end of the week.

Use today and Wednesday to prepare your hurricane plan and be ready to act, whether that means sheltering in place or evacuating if asked by your local government.

Rain will be likely on Thursday, but the worst weather from Delta will be Friday through very early Saturday with rapidly improving conditions by midday Saturday.

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