Commercial fishermen in Plaquemines Parish take financial hit after active hurricane season

Plaquemines Parish fishermen discuss financial hit from hurricanes

Plaquemines Parish, La. (WVUE) - A voluntary evacuation will go into effect Thursday at 3 p.m. for parts of Plaquemines Parish.

The voluntary order is from White Ditch South to Pointe à la Hache on the East Bank and from the Alliance Refinery to Venice on the West Bank.

You will once again see hundreds of boats in Safe Harbor in Empire on Wednesday night. It’s something commercial fisherman have had to do for storm after storm and they’ll tell you they had to take a big financial hit because of that this active hurricane season.

“Our shrimp season was all messed up this year. Every time we turn around, we had to run back in, tie in the harbors and have to sit there for days. When the weather was pretty waiting for the water to go back down. As long as that water is up, they won’t open the flood gates or the locks for the river,” said Anthony Stipelcovich, a commercial fisherman.

“Chaos, start up, shut down, start up, shut down. We’ve missed at least 31 days out of the season,” said Chance Lay, a commercial fisherman.

“Barely, I’m barely sliding by,” Lay said.

Plaquemines Parish EOC Director advises residents to keep an eye on Hurricane Delta in case it shifts to the east and they have to issue a mandatory evacuation.

Commercial fishermen say they’ve lost thousands of dollars this hurricane season moving into Safe Harbor with each hurricane threat.

“I don’t know what we are going to do this winter,” Lay said.

Now, they just hope this is the last storm of the season.

Plaquemines Parish says the voluntary evacuation order that will go into effect tomorrow afternoon is just a precautionary measure in case flooding impacts highways. But the parish EOC director expects those highways will remain open during the storm.

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