Grand Isle prepares for Hurricane Delta

Grand Isle prepares for Hurricane Delta

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Dozens of contractors are now working around the clock to beat back anticipated storm surge on Grand Isle.

They are repairing the battered burrito levy on the Gulf side and putting in a 1300-foot tidal surge levee on the backside of the island.

They have been coming in all day trucks from the Louisiana National Guard bringing in dozens of sandbags to help bolster Grand Isle’s tattered defenses.

“Our mission is to replace sandbags washed out by previous storms,” said Capt. Justin Bryson with La. National Guard.

No weapons here. These soldiers are armed with 350 super sandbags each containing 63 smaller sandbags to protect Grand Isle.

“We will continue around the clock until our 350 bags are in place,” Bryson said.

But with the track shifting west, soldiers who worked in Lake Charles after Hurricane Laura now worry about what Delta will bring to an already devastated area.

“Facing two major hurricanes is bad having seen Lake Charles firsthand. It’s really eye-opening,” Bryson said.

But Hurricane Delta’s storm surge on Grand Isle could be significant and efforts are also underway to build up a five-foot tidal levee on the north side of the island.

“This is not just for Grand Isle. It’s for the whole state of Louisiana,” said Jefferson Parish councilmember Rick Templet.

Local leaders say Grand Isle is the first line of defense against hurricanes and worth the investment.

“We have to be vigilant and stay on our toes,” said Rep. Joe Orgeron

And they say the state is prepared to spend millions more to bolster island defenses after the current hurricane threat is over.

Most Islanders have now removed their trailers and boats. A mandatory evacuation for Grand Isle residents takes effect tomorrow.

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