Lake Charles evacuees from Hurricane Laura worry about Delta

Lake Charles evacuees from Hurricane Laura worry about Delta
evacuees wait on new storm (Source: rob masson)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Hurricane Delta has made a sense of limbo even worse for Lake Charles residents who evacuated to New Orleans after Hurricane Laura. It has been a long six weeks and it’s about to get even longer.

In the last six weeks, thousands of Lake Charles evacuees from Hurricane Laura have been living in downtown hotels hoping to get out soon but that wish appears to be growing more elusive.

“I don’t think there’s going to be a home after this new storm,” said evacuee BJ Samuels on Canal Street.

Lake Charles evacuees have been staying in some of New Orleans’ best hotels which have been converted to evacuation centers, but they say it’s nothing like the homes they were forced out of.

“I just wanna go home and with another hurricane coming I want this all to be over with,” said evacuee George St Romain.

Though they appreciate a roof over their heads, many say conditions are far from ideal.

“Stairwells and elevators are horrible. I know it’s a pandemic but they’re hindering us more than they’re helping us,” said evacuee Tonya Carver.

Now they wait and wonder, as another storm threatens their hometown.

“There’s no place for me to go back to live. I’m hopeful we can get help,” said evacuee Jim Goodly.

Many of the evacuees we spoke with say they appreciate help from the city, FEMA, and the Red Cross but at this point, they say it’s hard to make a plan for a return home anytime soon.

Some evacuees say they were about to be sent to an Alexandria evacuation center, but they say that plan changed after the latest forecast predicted Hurricane Delta would threaten there.

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