Charities ready to help Hurricane Delta victims in southwest Louisiana

Organizations ready to help victims affected by Hurricane Delta
Boxed food at Second Harvest Food Bank
Boxed food at Second Harvest Food Bank (Source: WVUE)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Delta targeted southwest Louisiana a little over a month after Hurricane Laura devastated that area and organizations that helped victims of Laura will be there to assist people impacted by Delta.

Jay Vise is with Second Harvest Food Bank. He commented from their warehouse in Lafayette, an area that is impacted by the storm.

“We do have a year-round facility here in Lafayette, that’s where we are,” Vise said. “We are staging out of here, getting ready all week, standing by today, and starting tomorrow as soon as it is safe we will be rolling out to deliver supplies to people impacted by this latest storm.”

He was interviewed with supplies stacked at this back.

“As you can see behind me, we have on hand at any given time thousands and thousands of pounds of water which is a primary need for folks who lose their power,” Vise said.

The Salvation Army is in the area as well. Major Chris Thornhill is the area commander for the Greater New Orleans Salvation Army.

“Well, as it relates to Hurricane Laura relief, we’re still out there actively serving with food distribution and moving into some long-term recovery,” Thornhill said.

He said the Salvation Army is eager to help Delta victims.

“Right now we’re already staged, we’re making staging efforts, we’re coordinating our efforts throughout the South, right now ready to see where the safest areas for us to get our units to be, you know, get them staged, so that we can go into that area as soon as possible once it’s safe for us to do so,” Thornhill said.

People in the Lake Charles area are struggling to get back on their feet since Hurricane Laura.

“My counter-part over in that area, you know, he lost everything when the hurricane hit and he’s not, you know again, he’s not unique to anyone else that lost everything, their homes and everything over there. So, we want to make sure that we’re over there to provide the services that we can,” Thornhill said.

Vise was asked how Second Harvest is doing inventory-wise given the busy hurricane season and the ongoing pandemic which has put many Louisianans out of work.

“In terms of the need and what we have on hand, you know, in a normal year, whatever normal is, at our Lafayette facility here, at our Harahan area facility we go through about 35 million pounds of food that’s donated to us, some of it purchased that we send out across 23 parishes. This year we are on track to do double that. We were on track to do double that even before this latest storm, so the need is pretty great,” Vise said.

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