Lafourche Parish levees expected to get mild test from Hurricane Delta

Storm conditions pick up in Lafayette

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Strong winds and rising tides have been slamming the Golden Meadow area all day as Delta moves inland.

The storm will test a Levee system that was built without federal help.

While they are feeling the effects, the Levee system built by Lafourche Parish residents is not expected to be compromised.

As high tide began covering Highway one below Golden Meadow it also pushed water and fish through one of Raymond Serigne’s favorite cuts.

“Trout reds I’ve been tearing them up,” he said.

Lower Lafourche residents brace for winds and tide from Hurricane Delta, many are comforted by a largely self-funded levee system built without federal funds.

“Larose to Golden Meadow is one of the highest systems in Southeast Louisiana, I feel comfortable about them not experiencing any damage from storm surge,” said Chip Kline with the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.

The authority spends nearly a billion dollars every year on large scale coastal erosion projects. It also allocates about $12 million to step in and provide stopgap flooding solutions. Two of those projects are on Grand Isle where the CPRA this week helped bolster the burrito Levee and also completed a new 1300 foot tidal surge levee on the islands north side.

“That’s going to make all the difference for the storms we’ve been through,” Kline said.

Many say the importance of such work can’t be overestimated

“This is the first line of defense,” said Jefferson Parish councilmember Rick Templet.

The coastal protection authority says some of their projects help minimize storm surge during hurricane Laura in southwest Louisiana and they’re hoping for similar results as Delta pounds the coast.

“While our efforts are long-term when we have a storm we want to make sure we are protected as best we can,” Kline said.

Though the levee here was paid for buy Lafourche Parish taxpayers, the CPRA recently kicked in $6 million to address low lying sections. They are urging Congress to authorize funding for other projects that are now on the books.

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