Northshore residents face flooding issues after storm surge from Delta

Mandeville residents face flooding after Delta

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Residents along the lake in Mandeville experienced flooding after storm surge caused flooding in their neighborhood.

“This is definitely like the third time this season that there’s been so much water so we’re ready for hurricane season to be over that’s for sure,” said Katie Jensen, Mandeville resident.

The damage could have been worse with some debris in the roadway, some downed trees, and a couple feet of storm surge overnight, but Northshore residents have seen this play out over and over in 2020.

“I just don’t get too wigged out about it. I mean when you live by the water you know these are possibilities and so you just don’t get too concerned about it. I mean I didn’t sleep last night because the wind was so bad,” said Richard Ballard, Mandeville resident.

Richard Ballard spent the morning cleaning out debris from the edges of his home and says since 2002, he’s gotten good at gauging storm surge and northerly wind coming off the lake and knows when it’s time to be concerned

“Of course the house is raised so I’m not worried about water in the house or anything like that, so it’s just more about the tornadoes that may pop up, things like that you have absolutely no control over,” Ballard said.

Those in Mandeville say the 2020 hurricane has been a lot to take in for everyone especially those to the west, and they hope that delta can bring an end to the stress

“We’re going to have a wedding here tonight, that’s what all the decorations are for and stuff, so hey this is what we do,” Ballard said.

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