VIDEO: City of New Orleans weekly news conference

City of New Orleans weekly media briefing - Beau Tidwell

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -City of New Orleans spokesman Beau Tidwell held a news conference Tuesday to update several topics including COVID-19 in Orleans Parish.

As of Oct. 13, the city has seen nearly 13,000 positive cases.

Tidwell is also expected to comment on the 1 year anniversary of the collapse of the Hard Rock Hotel.

Yesterday, the city issued a statement saying, “One year ago, our lives were irrevocably changed by the collapse at the Hard Rock Hotel site. Three families began a harrowing journey filled with loss, uncertainty, pain, frustration and — only after too many months — a small measure of closure. Today we remember and say the names of three residents we lost — Anthony Floyd Magrette, Jose Ponce Arreola, Quinnyon Wimberly — and remain committed to safely bringing down the building and holding those responsible to account.”

The developers of 1031 Canal filed a lawsuit against dozens of contractors, engineers, and subcontractors.

Attorneys for 1031 Canal filed the 68-page lawsuit alleging those contractors and engineers were negligent, breached contract, and broke state law.

Crews hope to have the entire building demolished by January 2021.

Tidwell may also address fans in the Superdome. The next home Saints game is set for Oct. 25 at noon.

Also Monday, the City of New Orleans Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control Board reported that mosquitoes collected from the East Bank of Orleans Parish tested positive for West Nile Virus. No human cases of West Nile virus have been reported in Orleans Parish this year.

Mosquito abatement was conducted in select areas of the East Bank of New Orleans. Treatment areas include Fort Pike, Venetian Isles, Village de L’Est and the area bounded by the Jefferson Parish line, Lakeshore Drive, France Road and I-610.

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