FOX 8 Football Friday “Game of the Week” preview: Hahnville at East St. John

FOX 8 Football Friday “Game of the Week” preview: Hahnville at East St. John
FOX 8 Football Friday Game of the Week preview

LAPLACE, La. (WVUE) - Daniel Luquet and the Hahnville Tigers are riding high in 2020 with a 2-0 start. But things will continue to get difficult on the schedule, and that’s especially true this week when they take on East St. John.

FOX 8 Football Friday "Game of the Week" preview: Hahnville at ESJ

“When it goes back to East St. John and Hahnville, we’ve been playing each other for a long time. You can say some of the families run into each other when it comes to the two teams. We’ve been in multiple districts, it’s always been us, Destrehan, and East St. John. We’ve had some epic battles, last year was one good example. Close, close, game. But look, Coach brown does a great job,” said Hahnville head coach Daniel Luquet.

“Well here’s the thing. It’s not much to talk about. We always talk about being 1-0 each week. We don’t talk about it much, but our kids in the back of their head remember that 21-0 defeat from last year. We know we want to show we belong, here’s the time. Here’s the time to show that we belong. Our kids are extremely excited, our kids are fired up. There’s not that much to talk about, it’s Hahnville week,” said East St. John head coach Brandon Brown.

There’s been a few lean years in the program for East St. John. But now it appears their back, and sporting a 2-0 record.

“I feel like we’re getting back up there. We’re getting better, better as a team. We’re more of a team, not being undisciplined. Players not thinking they’re a superstar, playing as a team,” said senior defensive end Welland Williams.

“Upon taking this job, I knew the situation where we were. We talk about mindset, we talk about culture, we talk about winning in the classroom first. That’s where it started at for us. Just see us have success on the field. It’s a direct correlation of what we’re doing in the classroom right now. Our guys are buying in, and they’re believing in us,” said Brown.

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