“It feels like New Orleans again”: Customers, businesses respond to the beginning of Phase 3.2

NOLA eases into 3.2

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - COVID-19 restrictions loosened today as the City of New Orleans entered phase 3.2.

Churches can now have 50 percent capacity. And today was the first day bars can have outdoor seating and service-- and for breweries to open.

“It feels like New Orleans again,” Brian Tejeda said.

Like many people who enjoy the city’s breweries, Brian Tejeda is glad to see places like Urban South back open.

“The whole quarantine, I’ve been cooped up with my family and the little guy over there. He’s been keeping me busy, so it’s nice to get him out and about and also I couldn’t ask for a better day to have the first day back,” Tejeda said.

Under phase 3.2, breweries can open. Capacity is capped at 25 percent or 50 people, whichever is less inside. Breweries with a food permit can have 100 percent capacity with social distancing or 50 people outside, whichever is less.

Those without a food permit, can have 25 percent capacity outside or 50 people. Customers have to wear masks not eating or drinking.

“We looked it up online and were like we gotta go check this out. We have a lot of local breweries in Memphis as well, so we like to support small business,” said Ashlee Talley, who is visiting from Memphis.

The folks at NOLA brewery say the last few months have been rough financially

“Distribution of our beer has really suffered as well, so when revenue streams go down and you don’t have the ability to bring in revenue, business is major impact,” said Eli Gay, the Director of Customer Experience at NOLA Brewery said.

Eli Gay says they are pleased with how things have been going in this first weekend of Phase 3.2.

Their hope is for things to stay on a positive track.

“We want the opportunity to do good business in the city while keeping everybody safe and keeping everybody happy,” Gay said.

And people from the New Orleans area and those visiting -- want the same

“Every town has their own rules and regulations and things they’re asking you to do. But don’t be scared. The world is so big. And even as our kids are teaching us, we have to adapt,” Talley said.

According to the city’s timeline and depending on COVID-19 case numbers, we could enter Phase 3.3 as early as Oct. 31.

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