Nicondra: More muggy and rain chances return in the week ahead

Sunday Night Weather

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - We had a spectacular weekend weather wise and it doesn’t look too bad as we head into the work week either. Moisture is on the rebound so it’s not out of the question we see a little early morning fog, but overall Monday’s weather should be seasonably warm with highs in the 80s and mostly clouds in play. We could get a shower or two to develop mainly along the coast.

A wave of energy circulating around the high pressure that should stay parked just east of us will help to continue to pile in moisture and give us some triggers for showers through the middle of the week. No major rainy days are expected, but you will have a much better than the near zero chance of running into a shower we’ve seen lately.

Highs for the week will hover in the low to mid 80s with low temperatures near 70. It looks like our next strong cold front will hold off at least into next week.

The National Hurricane Center continues to highlight a couple of areas of interest. The disturbance in the middle of the Atlantic has a high chance of becoming a named stormed in the next day or so. In the Caribbean a wave is expected to move in later in the weak with a low chance of development in the five day period.

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