Loyola students robbed at gunpoint in Audubon Park

Updated: Oct. 21, 2020 at 5:23 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -“ I feel pretty safe on campus, but it’s crazy to think that just off campus, something like that can happen,” Brent Daniel said.

Tulane and Loyola students were taken aback when they learned an armed robbery unfolded in Audubon Park at the fountain, a popular hangout for the college students.

“It’s kind of scary because a lot of us do go to Audubon a lot, and especially a lot of kids go at night,” Damijah Strange said.

That’s exactly what some Loyola students decided to do Tuesday night around 9:30.

“I had just gotten out of my night class, and I was heading over to the park because I had asked my friend what they were doing and they said they wee hanging out by the fountain,” a witness said.

As the student walked up to these four friends in the park, he noticed two gunmen surrounding them.

“They were dressed in black. They had masks on. Apparently, both of them had guns. They had their backs turned to me, so I didn’t see the guns, but everyone said they were taunted with them, holding them close to them,” the witness said.

He says the gunmen demanded his friend’s property.

“They had only gotten to taking one person’s wallet and phone before I showed up,” the witness said.

When he showed up, he says the gunmen seemed anxious.

“I guess they got scared and walked away. I rounded everyone up, and I drove them to the police station over there and told the police what had just happened. Everyone was still shaken up,” the witness said.

“They absolutely did the right thing and as soon as it was safe they reported it, so we could get out there and start looking and start investigating,” said Todd Warren, Director of University Police.

Loyola police, Tulane PD and the NOPD responded to the armed robbery. Meanwhile, students across the two campuses were quickly notified about what happened.

“Scary, and now it’s happening to people you know. It could be you anytime, at any point of the day. You never really know,” a student said.

The NOPD is now handling the case.

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