Hundreds of thousands of La. residents cast their ballots early; 2 days remain for early voting

Last weekend to early vote

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - After 7 days of early voting, more than 676,000 Louisiana residents have cast their ballots for the Presidential Election.

Over 67,000 have come from Orleans Parish, and nearly 48,000 in Jefferson Parish. That’s an uptick of 27 percent compared to early voting in the 2016 election and shatters any previous records.

“I came to this location because I knew it wasn’t as heavily populated," said Orleans Parish voter, Willy Applewhite.

Heavily populated or not, the Lake Vista Community Center in New Orleans has seen continuous long lines since the start of early voting, as have most of the locations around the state.

Willy Applewhite’s daughter, Tiffany Applewhite, says even with the wait and the covid-19 precautions, she felt safe and feels early voting is the way to go.

“About an hour, but the line moved fast. It was very quick. efficient."

“Everybody is keeping their distance. Everybody is wearing a mask. They have hand sanitizer in the building. Even the pens you use, they have to sanitize those between each use.”

While there will still be time on election day, November 3rd, many residents say this election is too important to wait.

“You know voting is something that people fought for to have that choice of who they wanted to lead them," said Willy Applewhite.

Early voting ends Tuesday, Oct. 27.

You can check your absentee request and ballot, find your polling location, and view a sample ballot by going to the secretary of state’s website

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