Parish, emergency leaders encourage residents prep for Zeta despite repeated storm threats

Updated: Oct. 26, 2020 at 8:49 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - New Orleans leaders are again preparing and responding to two emergencies at the same time. They set up this flu shot drive-thru as a way to prepare to administer a Covid vaccine; they’re also addressing preparations the city’s making for Zeta.

“We’re going to have effects in Louisiana and overnight Wednesday into early Thursday morning,” said Collin Arnold.

Emergency Management Director Collin Arnold says all 99 drainage pumps across the city are online, though one of the four working turbines is offline for mechanical reasons and isn’t expected to be brought back online for Zeta. He says there are however power generators to stand in their place.

“We’ve done this six times before by my count, this will be number seven it’s just as serious as when we started this this season with Cristobal we have to keep our guard up we have to stay whether aware,” said Arnold.

Across southeast Louisiana, emergency and parish leaders are repeating the same thing.

“This is the one we still need to be really prepared for and watch the news media,” said Archie Chaisson.

“It’s important to public understands the storm is serious,” said Joe Valiente.

In Lafourche Parish, President Archie Chaisson says they will likely close a few floodgates in anticipation for the storm surge. He says they’ll also likely issue some kind of evacuation order.

“It’s getting a little old, they get tired of hearing these messages and me as the parish president saying the same thing but again this is the time to stay weather aware,” said Chaisson.

Jefferson Parish’s emergency management director, Joe Valiente also fears a weary public after this year’s active hurricane season.

“We know there’s going to be a certain level of complacency in terms of people just don’t want to go not again,” said Valiente.

He says though the parish itself is prepared, saying they’ve stayed ready storm after storm.

“We haven’t really stood down, besides deactivating the EOC all the preparations that are put in place are still there from really the last five storms,” said Valiente.

Though asking New Orleanians, they’re tired of pulling out the hurricane check list.

“If you haven’t finish the checklist on number seven I don’t think you’re going to do any prep but yeah we got our stuff ready to go we’ll see if we need any of it but hopefully not,” said Spence Kinnier.

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