Mayor Cantrell presents 2021 budget for City of New Orleans

Mayor Cantrell presents 2021 budget for City of New Orleans
(Source: WVUE Fox 8)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -Mayor Latoya Cantrell presented the 2021 Capital and Operating Budgets to the city council Monday.

Some city departments will be operating with nearly 40 percent less revenue mainly due to the Coronavirus and its impact on revenues.

Every city agency is being asked to take a 20 percent cut, but some will have it worse than others.

Mayor Cantrell presented a $1.3 billion budget which she says is facing a $100 million shortfall. Because of that she says city employees will continue to have to take one furlough day per pay period into next year.

She also says some departments like the City Planning Commission are facing a budget shortfall of 38 percent while police and fire will be facing budget shortfalls of up to 8 percent.

“The city of New Orleans is experiencing an unprecedented fiscal crisis due to the pandemic even as demands or services from citizens increase,” Cantrell said Monday.

The mayor says she continues to work with the state to get a larger share of CARES Act funding. So far she says the city has only received about 25 percent of what she believes its share should be.

The mayor says she will work to prevent people making less than $30,000 a year from having to take furlough days, But that remains to be seen.

When the first COVID cases emerged in March, the City already was under two emergency declarations— and even now the City is continuing the work of recovering from the tragedy at Hard Rock.

The New Orleans City Council will hold several hearings before it is expected to approve the budget for next year sometime in late November

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