Thousands without power a week after Hurricane Zeta

One Week after Hurricane Zeta And Still No Power

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Thousands of people are still without power, a week after Hurricane Zeta made landfall. Entergy’s President and CEO Phillip May says the majority of outages are on the Westbank.

Norris Jones and other Terrytown residents anxiously watch as Entergy Crews work across the street.

“No AC. I have to sleep with the window open,” Jones said. “Everything in my refrigerator has gone bad. It’s tough.”

It is the seventh day, thousands of people on the Westbank are without power.

“It’s mind blowing that it has taken 7 days for us to get to this,” Alise Culno said.

Mohammad Alomaray says it is difficult with an infant but maneuvering in the dark with his four-month-old daughter is frustrating.

“She needs a warm bed,” Alomaray said. “We don’t have any power, like we have to take shower with cold water.”

Entergy’s President and CEO, Phillip May, says the issues they’re finding on the Westbank are down power poles in people’s backyards that may require special equipment or even hand digging.

“These are where the poles and the wires are in the back of the house,” said May. “Getting access to those areas and repairing those take additional time as compared to if the lines were in front of the house.” Places like Culon’s backyard. “We got a pole down and we’ve got power lines strung,” she said. “Which actually if you look there, they can’t even open their back door. And no one has been back here to look at it.”

But in front of her home is a different story. Trucks line her street with crews working to place new poles but Culon says linemen tell her, it will not restore her power, “they told me, ‘they won’t get to us today.’ They told me, ‘it’s only going to be that side of the street.’”

The brief sense of optimism she once had, pulling into her driveway, quickly evaporates. “It is a little bit of frustration and a little bit of, I guess it is false hope at some point,” Culon said.

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