Local Hondurans mobilize to help Eta victims

Local Hondurans mobilize to help Eta victims

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Hurricane Eta slammed into Central America last week causing massive flooding through much of the region including Honduras. A local man born there wants to help storm victims.

Honduran native Lucas Barrios says the stories he is getting from home are heartbreaking. He said, “Sad and impressive all the videos and the photos and reports that I’ve gotten from Honduras.”

Eta dumped heavy rain across the region for days triggering landslides and flooding up to rooftops. Barrios said, “I’ve seen the pictures and videos of the people still as we speak on roofs of warehouses and houses waiting to be saved.”

Aerial video show land still flooded, scarred, and buried in mud nearly a week after Eta drenched the region. While official numbers are slowly verified he says people on the ground are making comparisons to one of the deadliest hurricanes on record.

“The estimates are worse than Hurricane Mitch and that’s some big words,” said Barrios. In 1998 slow moving Hurricane Mitch caused 11,000 deaths and $6 billion in damage across Central America.

Barrios sees the help already with video of helicopter rescues. He said, “I have seen a lot of videos and they have been doing a lot rescues in Honduras, so we are very appreciative of what the US army is doing.” He knows there will be a long road ahead.

As the president of a local organization, Hondurans United in Louisiana, he is helping to organize a relief effort. Barrios said, “We have been already asking for volunteers and basically we are going to start collecting and receiving donations I think starting from today.”

The organization is setting up in a Kenner Warehouse where they can sort and store donations getting them to Hondurans in need through local catholic churches. Barrios said, “We have some experience here in Louisiana as to what really needs to be the immediate things food, canned food, baby diapers.”

With so many things effecting us barrios knows they need to work extra hard to help his countrymen. He said, “This has been a very unusual year for the world I would say. This is 2020 you know 2020 we wish we could just reboot like a computer.”

While there is no reboot there is an opportunity to help those dealing with a disaster all too familiar.

For more information on how to help through Hondurans United in Louisiana call Delores Cannicaels at 305-439-9108.

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